Friday, June 14, 2013

Great Riding Weather

 Just dropping in a few photos from the riding so far this week.  I knew I would be fighting a slight head wind, but I headed to Superior Wednesday.  I stopped by one of Wisconsin's gems,  Pattison State Park. (linked)

Twin Little Manitou Falls

 Big Manitou Falls...165 foot drop this one is.  

 I ride mostly country roads, but on this day the ride was to Superior.  I found that just cruising the city streets can add up miles fast.  I ended the day with a little over 66 miles.

Another ride this week took me out through the burn area of the Germann Road forest fire that started on May 14th and burned about 8000 acres.  Although it is hard to put a measure to this, it burned about 9 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.  It took 47 structures with 17 of them being homes. I will put a couple links (here)  and  (here...this one is the DNR report). I rode Douglas County Y to get out to this area...22.5 miles of Bad bad road and but the 16 miles on County A back...Good road!

I met my son's neighbor and did this ride with him.  It was great to have company and we plan to do some more riding together.  This week has been great riding weather.  

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Hi Roger! Yesterday we ran into you out on the Crotte Rd and I finally backtracked far enough to remember how I "knew" you. It was from the picture of the hunting group from the camera you found. We have mutual friends and that's how it appeared on my feed. Anyway, the picture I took of you turned out good and if you'd like I can email you a copy. On facebook, I'm Cindy Wimann Grey and my email is

    Hope you didn't get too wet yesterday!

  2. Thanks Cindy!! I have the picture and will use in the next post.