Monday, October 21, 2013


 I got out this morning to enjoy the little snow we did get.  I rode mostly two track trails and also mixed in some not so tracked trail.

 Some of the downed trees I could ride over...and some not.  Made for an adventure as there were a couple miles of this.

 IMO, these trails are the best riding we have close by.

 This kind of thing is rare, but it does occur much too often.  Three microwave ovens here.

Just a little further down the same trail, a refrigerator/freezer.  I can say this, because I try to keep this blog family friendly, this kind of thing really torques me.  I mean really!!  Are you kidding??  What kind of person does this?  I guess the good thing is, it is rare.

 I guess after all that I got heated up and needed to shed a Layer from the top.

 The bike was a mess when I got home, but a quick spray with the hose...parking it by near the wood stove to dry...a shot of lube...ready for the next ride.

Very peaceful lunch spot today.  

 Lunch was a CAD secret recipe energy bar.

 Although I wasn't lucky enough to spot it, I shared the trail with Mr/Mrs Black Bear today.

I do not think these geese will be around much longer.  I was out for over 3 hours today, but only racked up about 20 miles.  But they were quality miles. Quality vs this case I choose quality. 

Lets get outdoors and have some FUN!! 


  1. Microwave ovens etc just chucked out on the trail ?....that kind of thing really annoys me too..

    1. I am checking into see if I can haul them anywhere without having to pay.

  2. I've pretty much given up on quantity. Quality is much more enjoyable.

    1. About all of my rides are quality now...they have to be. hehehe

  3. "Quality"
    Is any day on the FatBike!!! ;)

    1. Right on Joboo, fat bike is for sure quality.

  4. Replies
    1. Of the CAD secret energy snack? Who can blame you. They are good, if I can save them from the Mrs.