Friday, October 18, 2013

Weakness for the Fatty

 Fall is more than in the air around this area.  Do not let the oaks pictured fool you.  Many of the leaves have fallen.  The tamarack trees, which are the last to do their color dance, are now starting.
 I rode a lot of small rut trails today.

 I have stopped at this spot for years...since the early 70's.  A nice grassy area with a great view, although my cheapo camera doesn't show it.

 Anybody else like ginger cookies?  I have a weakness for them.  The cookie along with a p&b sandwich was lunch today.

 Ummmmmm, I wonder.  Is that sign showing what is coming up...or where I've been?

 I was out for over 3 hours today and about 20 miles. I did not see one person...neither walking, biking, atv'ing or in a vehicle.  I wonder why?  

Yes, I also have a weakness for the Fatty.  Great fun!!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Looks like a great place for a fall ride. And ditto to Trevor's comment on the cookies.

  2. Those are my favorite road signs!

  3. I just cant pass up this opportunity to profess my love for all things ginger. Especially cookies. Why I never thought to combine ginger cookie eating with biking is beyond me.

  4. I must admit, it's not first time eating ginger cookies while out for a ride:-)

    More than fall in the sir now Jeff...snow covering the grass tonight.