Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I checked out the new mountain bike trails east of Spooner on highway 70. I think they are called the Wildcat trails. Some very good trails being developed there with some rode in nice and others needing MORE riding...so get out there. When I got about a mile in, I thought of the camera I left in the truck. I did not go back after it, because the first mile is uphill. I was on a single track when I scared hell out of a black bear and I must admit, it got my attention also. I have not been on the mountain bike much this year, and it tells. The mtb is good judge of fitness, I do believe. Ended up putting in 13.5 miles....great.


  1. are these state trails? sounds like a good work out.

  2. I think they are on Washburn county forest land but made and maintained by the local bikers. Riverbrook Bike and Ski in Spooner has a nice bunch that rides out of their shop.