Friday, June 19, 2009

Pure relaxation

We decided to take a vacation day this week for some relaxation. We ended up going to Lake Gordon to add some picnicing and fishing to go along with the relaxation. We, along with my parents, took our fishing boats. It was a very good time and our ideal use of a vacation day...spending it with family. One of the loons we saw today

We had a picnic on an island. After lunch the girls fished as my father and I sat on the island, leaned up against a tree shooting the shit. Good time.

Some geese that cruised by the island

Mom fishing and keeping attempting to keep the sun off. She may not like that picture, but I think it speaks volumes. Hopefully she will forgive if she doesn't like it.

More Loon

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  1. looks like a wonderful day -- I hope to have some of those this summer!