Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tough Ride

I took a half vacation day today and rode the local fire roads. I guess they actually call most of them multiple use roads, but old habits are tough to kill off. One of the roads is considered a township road...and it goes through 3 townships. If I said it was a rough ride could be considered an understatement. I rode the fixie on the nearly 40 mile ride and had the 700 x 32 tires pumped to 85PSI. It was a good thing. Some of the bumps I crashed through were bone shattering. The tire pressure may have saved a pinch flat. Some of the roads had logging on and others were freshly graded, while still others had gravel on them that was like riding on marbles. It was very sketchy at times and probably good balance practice...think quickly or crash. I would have done a map my ride, but most of the roads on not on the system.
The Road turns just past this tree, as you can see.
Some of the area I rode today

This is the plant Columbine. Some say it was once considered the national wildflower because its flower resembles the Bald Eagle talons. Lots of them out today.

This a tree that had fallen across the road, but somebody had moved it to the side. There were three others today that were not moved, although they were much smaller.

Healthy crop of ferns this year

Scenic roads but...Rough today

Why not a bicycle on this sign? I think because...Most people in this area think anybody that rides a bicycle on these roads are freaks. There are very few bicyclist in our area...another understatement.

A very old railroad grade


  1. I think those roads would be better suited to a MTB w/ some suspension. One of these days, we'll have to hook up for such a venture.

  2. Boz,
    Yes I agree on both points. We are going to have to hook up for a ride sometime...maybe some of the others up there also. I normally do ride the MTB on those roads...but I had thought they would be packed hard with this dry weather we have had...but I was w r o n g. There is a lot happening on the good fire roads this year.