Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why no Locals?

Just a thought about the bicycling that goes on in the area where we live....Very Little goes on. We put on a lot of miles riding in our immediate area, I can count 3 other cyclist we have encountered this year. Two of them were from the Twin Cities area staying at their cabin and went for a ride on hybrids. The other was just last weekend, and she was up visiting her parents at their cabin. She was riding a road bike. As we exchanged pleasantries such as where we were from and so on, she remarked about what a great place for road riding...and it is. We see many times more riders when we are riding the cabin area and it is good riding there also. We do live in the middle of some of the premier biking. Hayward--Cable area, and Spooner are not far. The Twin Ports are a few miles to the north also. So why don't the locals ride? I know there is a lot of recreating that happens in the area, biking just isn't one. So again we ask...Why don't the locals ride????

Don't count the days, make the days count....
Mohammed Ali


  1. If I was anywhere near you, you would definitely see me on the road.

  2. TOB...You are right, there is hunting, fishing, ATV'ing and many other activities...but I think that is true most places. There are very few people around here that do any kind of extracurricular physical exercise and I do not have a clue as to why. That explains why I have heard that Douglas County is rated second from the bottom of all counties in Wisco for the health of its residents.

    Jeff...If you near here and you were ok with it, we would ride together.

  3. There's no doubt you should have more riders on those great roads of yours. I road down that way a few weeks ago and loved it. The road I live on(just a few miles north of the Duluth Airport) sees plenty of cyclist of all abilities and styles. In the 12 mile south short loop I do, I always meet 10-15 different riders. Fnny, I always meet them head on, but very seldom catch up to or get passed. Strange...