Thursday, December 17, 2009

Memorial ride

We had a friend of ours tragically pass away this past Monday morning. He, his wife and two children are neighbors of ours. Very good neighbors. About ten years ago, they moved in the next place down the road from us. We would be walking our trails, biking, cutting firewood, any where he happened to see us, it was good and interesting conversation time. Sometimes I would be miles from home knocking out a ride after work and we would meet each other on the road. The brake lights would come on and it was time to talk. We would be BS'ing and it was always like, "Well I got to get going." But between the two us, it was always much later before the going was gotten. Sometimes when we would split, I was riding home in the near dark. This proved to be a good thing, because it forced me to put the hammer down and try to get home before dark.

He had worked hard to become successful, which allowed him to spend a lot of time around home. I remember he always told me how lucky he had been in life, that he had traveled the world, and it was HERE where he WANTED to live. That, of course, would make anyone feel good about also living here.

While in high school, he played on state championship hockey teams...loved hockey. Had season tickets to the Minnesota Wild. He died of trauma to head while ice skating in front of their home this last weekend at age 49. I know full well that the last minutes before his accident, he having a GOOD TIME.   

Today I had some vacation to use, so I decided to do a Pat Bouchard Memorial ride. He and I one time knocked this ride out in a little under an hour, riding side by side, bullshitting as much as we could the whole way around. I never will forget what he said when we finished up,"Good time, right?" was a good time. Both in minutes and in company. took much longer than an hour today on the fixie with studs. 

Rest in Peace Pat.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and neighbor.

  2. Condolences to his family, what a tough time to lose someone. But I think you're right, he was where he loved, doing something he loved.