Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moon Ride

First off, we need send kudos out to CAD. He ran the Gobble Gallop 5k running race in Duluth MN this last Thanksgiving morning, in which part of the proceeds go to the Northern Lakes Food Bank. Not surprising to me, he finished near the top of the list of 972 entrants. Excellent job CAD.

I spent just over an hour on the fixed gear Monday night. The moon was shining so bright...How bright was it?...It was so bright that I did not use a headlight for 59 minutes of that hour. I was only .5 miles from home when the first and only auto I saw came up from behind, so I flipped the headlight on until they got by. I did have my taillight on, you know, for safety. For the most part, I could see quite well.It was 29 degrees when I arrived back home at 7:45 and I nailed the clothing part. I like it when that happens.

Moon shining bright.


  1. It was a great moon last night. I think I'll try a night ride tonight. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ahh...just what you needed...a fix.

    Thanks for the plug.