Sunday, December 20, 2009

We have spent the few days at our family cabin doing the ice fishing, eating and family time thing. It was a very good time. I think many people do not know what they are missing by not spending time with their family and friends. Or, maybe they just don't care....wrappped up in their own thing. The fact is, that they can not know what they are missing, or they would be spending time with said people while they are here on earth, as we know it. Could haves and should haves doesn't mean a hell of a lot. Any one of today, gone tomorrow so lets enjoy our life to the fullest boys and girls.

The roads have been what I would call greasy. On my fixed gear ride, I saw two places that had skid marks, tree bark missing and pieces of plastic strewn in the woods. As my dad would say, "Good ol plastic."

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  1. Nice to get away once and a while w/ family. Keeps us grounded.