Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been awhile since anything has been put up on here. Lazy, simply lazy. I have been doing the inside thing almost every day...running on the elliptical and riding the trainer. I will be getting outside again very soon. I have been doing some research on some organized tours. I have a few questions about doing a tour...mainly would they have a problem with Janice following along with our camper. Not the same route as the ride, but meeting me in the stay over towns. She could find plenty to do while I am riding and we could meet up in the evenings. It is in this way that we can still have a vacation together...and not be to close, lol lol lol. If anybody has had experience with this, please let us know.  

I may or may not have a new gadget to play with. I am a sucker for gadgets.


  1. Do It. Too much togetherness kills love. SWMBO and I bring our separate experiences to the dinner table.
    We support each other but do not compete with each other. Ever.

  2. I've seen that same thing on tours in the past. Some tours ask that personal SAG drivers register with the tour. Go for it!

  3. When we lived in Wausau, I always got a kick out of the tents that would show up around the corner on the old Wausau East High School property for the GRABAAWR. I have cousins who have done this ride many times and loved it. But they camped in tents.

    I see no reason why an organized ride wouldn't allow your wife to drive ahead and camp with you.

    Sounds like fun!

  4. Yes, I will keep looking for a tour to do. I checked into RAGBRAI, but they say you need 3 riders in order to bring a vehicle, which is the main reason I haven't signed up there. I thought once of just doing a tour like that and then just ride off into the sunset every evening and back in the morning. I may do one in WI this year...still in the air. It is like a wise gentleman once said "The first thing you have to do is send in your money, then you are in."