Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Circle Ride

After skiing the last couple days, I got the fixie out for a ride last night.  Good time for sure.  The county road that I was on for 1.7 miles was like riding on a slushie, and then it was on to town roads that alternated bare ice with ruts to a light layer of snow.  It is roads like these that make me happy with my choice of studded tires.  When I purchased tires for the fixie last year, I debated on which Nokian's to buy...the Hakkapeliitta W240 or Hakkapeliitta W106.  The W240's are better for roads with ruts (our roads out here in the sticks) because the studs wrap around the edge of the tire.  The last few times have proven that was a good choice for me.  If we lived where the roads were better, I would have gone with the 106's.  I rode a little circle +10miles and I met or was passed by 0.00 vehicles.  It is rare, but I like it when that happens.

1 comment:

  1. You make me feel like such a wimp.
    I guess I can use age as a lame excuse.