Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Plunged

Our niece Sarah and I did the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Saturday.  We helped raise over $100,000.00 for the cause.  Here are some of the pictures.
Yes...No...Maybe So
We wore the biking attire as we are doing the MS150 bicycle ride in June.  150 miles for another good cause and more fun! !
No turning back now! ! !
Freezin for a reason

Safety people were there just in case we didn't pop back up like we were suppose to.
Upright and catching our breath.
See the guy wearing the tennies...that is the only thing I would do would be flip flops.  Other than it taking your breath away for a little while, it was the feet that got cold.  The tennies held the water in and when you were out of the water, the feet knew it was cold.
As you can see, we weren't the only ones...LOL and Fun


  1. I thought we were going to see you in a Speedo for your plunge!!!???

  2. I put a link to your blog on screaming monkey bike. I can tell by your blog we share the love for cycling.


  3. Thanks Big Oak, I I think I was about the oldest guy there. The college crowd was out in force and having fun. It was great. A good bunch.

    I don't mind wearing spandex, but I don't think anyone will see me a speedo anytime soon.

    Thanks Screaming Monkey Bike. I enjoyed your site also. Very nice