Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Chequamegon

I was lucky enough to be drawn for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival this year and although I suffered this year it was still fun.  Congratulations goes out to Brian Matter for winning this year.  I think he had won twice before, this being his third.  Also Darrin Braun had a good race.  Both Brian and Darrin are very good riders, but more importantly, they are both very nice people.  We did not get a chance to see Darrin or his fiancee Lynn, but I did see Brian cheering people on.
KISS showed up and took third in the Tandem category.  Very impressive indeed.

Lining up.

The start was in Hayward WI.

This was the destination.  The big top Chequamegon at the Telemark Ski Hill near Cable WI.

I finished, but suffered just the same.  This year I noticed the beautiful scenery the course takes, as I knew early on, this was the last of these events for me, so enjoy it.  I didn't feel it for the first 10 miles, then felt good up till 1.5 miles left...then cramps, big time cramps.  I missed two charity rides this weekend and one of these I had rode 5 times in the past.  I am thinking my time in the future can be better spent riding for a cure of breast cancer or whatever.  The charity rides will be the ones for me.  Oh, and they aren't as taxing on this old guy.


  1. Great pictures! And, any ride is a good ride.

  2. Some of the route must have been on the Birkie trail - Big Hills! Some days are like that - where you just don't feel it. But at least you are out there doing it.

    Congratulations on finishing!

  3. Is the 135 considered a charity ride?

    Congrats...No flats.


  4. Yes, it does follow the birkie in some areas. This year featured hills, rocks and mud.
    No flats but, but I saw a lot of mechanical issues. If I rode the Arrowhead 135 and you baby sit me the whole way, would I then be a charity case?

  5. I'm impressed -- congrats on finishing!

  6. Way to go on finishing, and here's to a quick recovery!!
    I've done the Chaq weekend before, and had a good time. Although I dislike lottery type events. Plus as I've gotten older, I like the long solo rides more than being on someones wheel for, or someone on my wheel the whole ride!! I also have a strong dislike for to many people around me at any given moment! Is that strange?? LOL
    The AH135 is definitely not a charity ride!! I'm shooting for a 2012 go at the AH 135.

  7. Roger, we wish we would have seen you up there. We would have cheered you on!! Great job and thanks for the kind word. We hope to see you guys again soon, but until then..keep riding!!

    Lynn & Darrin