Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gravel and Wind

I rode the cross bike on a mostly gravel 25 mile ride.  Wind, did someone say wind?...no but I did.  Lots of wind on this one, and I knew before I left the house what I was in for. 
The roads were a little wet, but not bad.  I think there were white caps on some of the puddles though.

I saw three cars in 25 miles and that number could increase, as hunting season is here.  I did see a couple wheelers also.  I had a hard time seeing them, as they were in full camo.  Less traffic is just one of the benefits of riding the gravel.
I now know that I could be in better shape.  Wind is a good judge of that.
Riding the gravel equals a Goooood Time ! ! !


  1. "White caps on the puddles" - yep, that's a windy day. Still, good to be out in it.

  2. Nothing better than gravel!! The only thing I've found better would be the wheeler trails through the woods and around the mine dumps. In the woods the wind is not a problem.
    Good luck this weekend!!!
    Peace, Joboo