Saturday, September 11, 2010

La La Land

Dumbo on a Bicycle

I have been internet challenged recently, but I do have a little story for you.

So I know this guy...he decided to ride one of the largest mountain bike rides in the Midwest...just doing it for a good time, nothing serious and although he trained very little, he took it easy the week before the ride...eating carbs and not pedaling...He lubed up his ride...checked the suspension over...headed over to register the night before the ride...Only to find out he was a week early... I had one of the best laughs in a long time...and this one is on me, because I have only myself thank. 


  1. OHHHH now that's rich!!!!!
    9 years ago a buddy and i rode the Cheq 40, yeah that's right just days after that dreadful day. what a feeling that race had that day, i just can't explain it!!!
    good luck to you, and isn't it run on the 19th??!! ;))
    Peace, Joboo

  2. Better to be early than late, eh?

  3. It is a weekend event with the main race being run on Sat. the 18th. I thought the same thing Big Oak. It was humorus this way. Had I been a week late, I don't know how much laughing I would have doing that night, but I would've gotten over it quickly.