Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Early in the year I started trail running.  I think I started out too hard and haven't run since that first week in the spring.  I started again this last week, but at a much easier pace.  It's fun for me, if I take it easy.

On another note, we need to send our best wishes to one of our friends who has been a guest to this blog and is riding the "Heck of the North" bicycle race this weekend.  This is a 100 mile endurance run and he is riding with some very fine company indeed.  I encourage you click on here or on Heck of the North to follow this ride.  I would say good luck, but CAD is good enough so it isn't luck he needs...BEST WISHES CAD ! ! !   


  1. Thanks for the encouragement. How in the Heck does one sit on a saddle that long? Any wise advice?


  2. Keep moving forward!! ;)
    I rode the Heck last year, and it was a great time!! Since it went to a lottery I passed, and that's ok.
    JK puts on a great ride!! ENJOY!!!
    gravel seems to attract a good group of people!!
    Peace, jms