Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Night Ride

I asked the guys at work what I could do to get some more time from the headlight. Eric, who built the light, and Brandon both thought a 20 watt bulb rather that the 30 that was being used would be the way to go. Brandon was nice enough to donate one to the cause, so I put it to the test on another night ride and I am pleased to say I got a solid 90 minutes from the headlight.  Now I need to learn how to dress again...too warm tonight.


  1. I went for my first deliberate night ride one night last week, and it was a blast! I was trying to remember who last year was going for the night rides, and now I know it's you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Night riding turns the trails you know like the back of your hand, into brand new trails!!!
    I remember the 1st night ride i went on many years back. It was such a blast!!! Just one more reason to ride the bike!! Ha, like I need another reason!! LOL


  3. Does early morning riding count as a night ride?


  4. Big Oak...One thing I have noticed while riding at night with lights is that the autos seem to give a lot of room. Some even slow down and take a real good look.

    Joboo...I haven't been on the single track during darkness...Yet! ! I do plan on it though.

    CAD...I think you answered your own question, although if you're using a light we may have to give you that one.