Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heart Attack Snow

We awoke this morning to a small layer of snow.  It continued to snow all day and is still snowing yet tonight.  We have had about 6 to 8 inches of wet heavy heart attack snow.  It is the type of snow good for making snowmen.

With the snow coming down, I worked on the fixed gear in the garage.  I changed out the chain and rear cog, put the studded tires on, mounted the lights and put a rack on it. 

The tires are directional and I mounted the tire for the fixed side.  It has a flip flop hub, but I have never used the coast side.  I am going to try it out sometime.

I went for a little ride the truck.

These are some of the gravel roads I ride in the summer.  This is Road 4 which in December will become a snowmobile trail. 

I snapped the snow photos for the benefit of some that don't get snow. 

A snowbike is in my future.  These are some of the trails I will be riding.

I had planned on posting this much earlier, but we were out of power for a few hours today.  The heavy snow brought down trees and power lines. 

So after the power come back on, the DSL decided to take a break.  The net was down something like 5 or 6 hours this evening. 

 These little trees came in naturally after they logged it a few years ago.  It doesn't look like it in this picture, but this stand of little Jackpine is about a mile square of some very thick and tough walking when there is no snow.  A sane person would not want to attempt walking it on a day like today.

All of these pictures are just a short distance south of our home. 


  1. I know that heavy snow is tough on the trees, but it's beautiful.

  2. I'm as close to that as I want to get.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I hope we don't see anything close to that in KS for several weeks, if then.

  4. Beautiful snow pictures! Can't wait until snow finally arrives in Boston.