Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"The Ultimate Battle"

This is a video I stole from You Tube that should serve as a reminder to us all of just how fragile life is.  This very fine young man at an age of 24 is now gravely ill.  He is the son of a co-worker.  This co-worker and I have been friends for about 30 years as he and I share the same duties at work.  The immense struggles they have endured and how they cope should be an example we can all learn from.  I have witnessed this the last 3 years and I cannot begin to put into words to describe how wonderful this family really is.  I think some of us take life for granted sometimes and when something like this comes along, it is a sober reminder of how life is.  We sometimes let little things bother us a little more than we should, when if we just take a second to ponder, most things really aren't that big of a deal.  This young man enjoyed baseball and lived his life around it.  So get out do the things you enjoy, for you and I and the people we surround ourselves with could be gone in the next minute.   

Edit: RIP in Adam

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