Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Tire Builds

Sorry...It has been a while since anything fresh has been on here, so I will give a little update on what's been happening.  We spent Christmas to New Years at the cabin which had me skiing and ice fishing.  This month I have also been fortunate enough to be called on for the civic duty of Jury Duty.  
But enough of that and on to the good stuff.  The big tire builds are coming along nicely.  The above picture is of some prints Eric has drawn up for the big tire frames. 

Above is one of the wheel sets built up by Mike Curiak at Lace Mine 29 with some Surly Larry's mounted on them.  Mike is a well known snow biker/XC rider/endurance racer/adventurer and also a very good wheel builder.  I encourage you please click on his link and read his resume.  It is indeed impressive.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but these are some of the tubes coming together and being worked on.  Those reading the blog know of CAD, who has worked on some of the pricing/purchasing aspects.

This the main frame fixture.  Brandon has been the fixture/machine guru.  Those that have followed the blog for a while know of Brandon because he is a member of the Gitchigumi Gear Mashers MS150 team.  He also does gravel rides, commuter rides, what we call after work fitness rides and rides a fixed gear for a little fun.

Eric is the designer/welder, and again if you have followed the blog, you have read of him.  He is another who has done all the riding listed above plus some.  He lives on the hillside of Duluth and for a very long time, what I think made his bicycle commute unique, is he was working the late shift.  That means commuting by bicycle winter and summer with the ride home being around the 1:00 AM mark.  Anyone care to guess what the roads of Duluth are like at 1AM during a snowstorm...or for that matter, how many impaired drivers are on the road at that time.  It didn't seem to bother him though.

These big tire frames will be as unique as this serial number.  Not only are they custom built to the individual, but also have some very cool features that are not available on any of the others.

This is another of a Brandon/Eric fabbed fixture and a bottom bracket.  There are a lot of things going on right now, so I just touched on a few.  I can keep you informed as we go.

This is one of the frames Eric designed and fabricated before the fixturing was made.  It is a small sized mountain bike frame, before powder coating of course.  

I feel very fortunate to not only work, but also ride with this group of guys.  It just doesn't get any better...and that my friends, is no Bull S---!


  1. Wow, that is cool! You get to see your own bike being made! I can't wait to see what your finished bike looks like.

  2. damn man, that's so cool to be apart of!!!!
    sounds like you guys got something good going on!!

    that's one thing i've longed for, is a good group of guys that feel the same way about biking as i do. maybe some day, but until then i'll keep turning the pedals!!
    thanks for the update.

    you are right on the money about Mike C.!! one talented individual!! i've been thinking about getting a set of 29er wheels from him.... for the Pugsley durning the non dark months of course!! ;)


  3. Really great - Looking forward to seeing the finished bike.