Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day on the Ice

My oldest son had called Tuesday to see if I wanted to go fishing, but plans were made for Wednesday already so I had to decline.  At 5:00 AM this morning the plans made changed which in turn left me two options.  Go to work as planned OR take a vacation day and spend it with my son and his friend on the ice.  IMO, I don't get to spend enough time with him, so when the plans changed I jumped at it.  Easy choice...vacation day it was.  We caught 7 or 8 Northern and about a dozen keeper pan fish.  Although these fish aren't huge, there was a hunger for fish and these fish will stink up the frying pan nicely.  Pictured on the right, my son Brian and his friend Al on the left.  Thanks guys for the most enjoyable day ! ! ! 

Edit...notice the patched up left side of the fish house...A little Black Bear wanted in there for some reason this last spring.  I had to patch it up temporarily and a better fix will be coming.

I noticed this nest the other day built on a railroad trestle.  This is a busy set of tracks.  I can't imagine it would be too peaceful.  I have no idea who builds a home in such a place.

It doesn't belong to this Ruffed Grouse.  They are having a tough year around our area because we have a very thick hard crust on the snow and they like to burrow into the snow to hide from predators.  The crust come from an unseasonably rain storm that moved through the area around the New years day mark.  

The Bald Eagle builds very large nests, and this was a very large nest that was built, but I doubt it belonged to him either.  We have many of the Bald Eagles in our area and I usually don't think to take pictures of them.  I have decided I will start taking some though...hopefully better than this one.

On fishing...The end of fishing is not angling, but catching
Thomas Fuller


  1. The pan fish sounds awful good, but brrrrrrr.

  2. Keep an eye on what occupies that nest. I wonder if it might be an osprey nest. Usually, though, most raptors build nests higher in the air.

    Northern are good eatin' in our house.