Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes, No, Maybe So

It is looking as though I may have an option for early retirement coming available soon.  I am finding this decision very difficult to make.  I have been at this job for 34.5 years, I like the job and more importantly I like the guys I work with.  On the other hand, I commute 50 to 55 minutes one way 5 days a week.  Tonight's commute was just great...through a snowstorm.  Monetairly we would take a hit, but not enough to cause hardship.  My wife, who is very generous, would continue to work for 8 to 10 years.  She has what we consider a secure job with good benefits and pay, plus as an added bonus she likes her job and co-workers.  If anything she has been pushing me to the retirement side...bless her heart.  We have even gone as far as making plans for doing a couple of bike tours.  
Yes...No...Maybe So  ? ? ?


  1. Well.....I think you know my view on the subject.....!!

  2. Yeah to bike tours and not punching the clock!!!
    If the wife is hinting, go for it; I mean she's always right anyway, right?? ;))
    You'll keep in touch with the boys at work, after all, you guys gotta finish the "Fat" bike projects!!!
    Whatever you decide, I wish you luck, and much happiness!!


  3. Just about all of the people I know who have retired "early" have been very active and happy in retirement.

    This is a big decision, and I believe you'll make the right choice for you and your family. Good Luck!

  4. Job? I am too busy to have a job.

  5. I would totally go for the early retirement if you can swing it. And you know how I feel about bike tours. Go to Colorado!

  6. I first threw this idea out on the Purple Traveler, so yep, I know what you think Trevor. If I have my way Joboo, I will still be in the bike building club and may have an even more active role. As Big Oak said, I know of no one who is complaining about going early...Although I do know some that don't ever want to retire. I hope to stay busy enough to not want a job. Sounds like the OLd Fool has got that one figured out. And now to you Jeff...My wife put in for vacation from August 3rd through the 15th so that if I so choose, she will be my support on the CRMBT this year. I think that will be our travel vacation this year.