Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian ! ! !

Our oldest son was born on this date, Jan. 30th, 1984.  We usually have family get togethers on birthdays to have a lunch or supper.  Brian this year wanted his birthday dinner at the cabin and I liked that idea.  We spent the weekend there fishing and eating...did I mention eating.  It seems like we eat massive quantities when we are there...snacks and big meals.  For example Brian wanted Tacos for his dinner, so we had Tacos, Jimmy Dean dip with chips, Birthday Cake, homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and then made another batch of Maple Nut for good measure.

We fished on the lake straight out from our cabin, so some people stayed on the lake and fished and others stayed indoors.

It was nice to see my Dad catch the prize fish of the picture for full effect.  I said earlier that Brian was born in 1984...this guy was born in 1929.  He spent all day on the lake.  Both he and my Mom are very active in retirement.  Hopefully I will follow in their footsteps, because retirement for me appears to be right around the corner.

This was the youngest guy there this weekend and he was successful also.  This meant we had fish for breakfast...along with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and jam and some Rice Crispy bars, some with chocolate and some with out.  This breakfast is an example of what I was saying earlier...We eat when we are at the cabin.
Eating and scratching want but a beginning.


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Was it the big northern your dad caught that was born in 1929? Or your dad? That's a meaty fish!

    Happy Birthday Brian!

  2. It seems cabin life hinges around food, doesn't it? Nothing better than fresh fish from a cold water lake.