Monday, February 28, 2011

From The Builder: EP Cycles Fat Tire Prototype

With great honor, I, Eric was asked to do a write up on the bike.  This is my first blog posting, so go easy on me. :)

It seems as though it has been forever since we originally discussed the fat tire build and now the dreams are finally a reality.  I finished fabrication Friday morning and quickly brought it over to the paint booth to throw some self etching primer and a nice satin red paint on it so I could start assembly right after work at 3:00.  I got about halfway thru assembly on Friday before the girlfriend started requiring more attention, so I put the tools down until the morning.  I woke up early Saturday due to an inability to stay asleep so i went to finish the build and take a quick shake down ride.  Everything seemed to go pretty well with the assembly, and with the exception of 2 things I am very pleased.  The first is the fork.  A minor/major detail was overlooked when purchasing it.  Apparently Salsa uses a REAR 135mm ss hub with a FRONT disc mount(IMHO two thumbs down). We have a FRONT 135 hub and the rotor flange is located just under 1/8" further outboard, and although it's kinda irritating, we do have a few options. 1: No front break for now(which is what I did and liked) 2: Cut the mount off and relocate it(which is what I will eventually do) 3: Switch to a Fatback fork(Which we will probably do for the future builds).  4: Switch to a rear hub for the front(which we will definitely NOT be doing).  The second issue is with the front derailleur.  It functions great but is way too big for what we need.  I'm thinking of going to a small road d that I can modify to work better.  There are many options here too.
I made it out for about 2 hours on Sunday and let me tell you, this thing is amazing. I couldn't help but smile and laugh the entire time.  I've been mountain biking for some 20 years and must say this thing is the most enjoyable bike I have ever ridden..... by far!
Running all 3 internals in the down tube was crazy but I think the results are exceptional.
 I picked up some red single speed chain ring bolts from Dennis which I think was definitely the right move.
 I really like the look of the internal housings, but I love the way the rear brake housing just lines up perfectly with the brake.  It was no accident, it was not easy, and it was way worth it!!
 The seat post clamp that I got down at the bike swap for $1 was just a bit on the big size so I appropriately made some aluminum shims for now.


  1. Eric not only did a good job on the bike, but also on the write-up. My thanks to Eric.

    I rode it a little today and my impression is...This thing rocks!!! It is really cool. In all likelihood I am going to be lucky enough to put some more in-depth testing later this week.

  2. "P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Built Right" me ASAP!!! Sweeeeet.


  3. Nicely done!!!
    I've enjoyed watching the progress of your custom "Fat" bike build!!!
    My Pugsley has brought the joy of biking back to me in a very big way!!
    Get used to the smiles every time you throw a leg over your new ride; you now will know what it's like to go where no other bike will take you!! ;)


  4. That looks like a bike of 'desire'.
    The bike looks great - write up good too.
    I think everyone needs an 'Eric'.

  5. That is definitely a cool bike! The internal cable routing is awesome, especially for the rear brake. Very well done!

    Oh, and yet another handy use for PBR!