Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another great day!!

 I was too nice today to not get outside. The temp was right around +55F with the sun shining and the snow melting.
 Leaving tracks where I could reminded me of my youth.  We didn't ride in the winter back then and I remember every spring my friends and I getting the bikes out and leaving tracks.

 I stopped for a snack on top of this little hill.  With the leaves gone I could count 5 lakes from this hill. 

 This is the main street of my hometown...Gordon, WI.  Not very busy today. :-)

 This is one of the hangouts we had as children.  This is the St.Croix River.  A short distance upstream from here the Eau Claire River dumps in.  Gordon originated because of these two rivers meeting meant it was an ideal place for a trading post.

 Highway Y heading west of town.

Highway Y is a dead end Douglas County Highway, although there are turnoffs.  It runs along the St.Croix river and the St.Croix Flowage.  It ends 7 miles out at (get ready for it) 7 Mile Dam.

Thanks for reading
Let's get outdoors and have some fun!!!


  1. Thanks Dan. I got it for winter riding, but found myself riding it year around. I like too!!

  2. Like Dan says...Nice bike..!!


  3. Ditto on the bike, and the scenery in your neck of the woods is beautiful too.

  4. 7 miles to 7 Mile Dam - what a coincidence! I looked at your 10 day forecast, it looks like more nice weather is headed your way.

  5. Roger,

    Studying maps, my winter pasttime, and looking at roads up your way. Google maps one downfall is it really doesn't tell you anything about the road...paved, broken, dirt, loose gravel etc.

    Any thoughts on the likes of County G vs, Newsome, Red lake, Burns, totagatic, and frog creek to 77. or Wozny to Waggoner? A loop from 27 via Duck Pond?

    Any of these recommended?


  6. Thanks for the comments!!

    None...Burns road is gravel.

    Wozny, Waggoner and Duck Pond are all very remote gravel roads. I have used all of these roads on the Mtn bike and also the cross bike. I enjoy riding these, but as I said, they are very remote.

    None of these I would recommend for a road bike.

    I can give you a couple circle routes from Hayward if you wish.

  7. I like the memories of leaving tracks as a kid. A great connection about bikes. Five lakes counted from snack spot...awesome.Looks like nice country!