Friday, March 2, 2012


 I have been out riding the fixed gear...still my winter ride.  Even with the recent dumping of snow we received, about 12" of heavy wet stuff, the roads are already clearing up nicely.  They still have a lot of sand on them and some slush spots, so the fixed gear it is.

 The above is the incentive for riding outdoors.  I haven't bought energy bars for a long time.  These are the replacements.  They are the CAD's famous home brew energy bars, aka peanut butter balls.  I may have gotten that wrong...peanut butter balls by the famous CAD may be more accurate.  If I don't ride outdoors, I go to the dreaded workout room and these energy beauties are only used for the outdoor stuff.

 The temperature read 47.6 when I left the house, but that did not stop the sled heads from getting out and enjoying the new snow.  That is because we have had a very mild winter thus far and they have been chomping at the bit to get snowmobiling.  On good days during the winter this bar has hundreds of snowmobiles.  I heard a rumor a couple weeks ago they had 4 all year.  This snow will make the owners of this establishment happy also. 

 It was great riding today. 

 I am enjoying being able to ride these quiet rolling roads during the early afternoon.  Nice!!

 The home base is only a about a mile through this trail.
It's 3 miles this way...I will take the road.

Thanks for reading!!
Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!!


  1. Hi- I love peanut butter in almost any form. In my teens and twenties I practically lived on it.Snow is good for our northern economies. Great post.

  2. Fixed winter riding. Perfect. I'm going there, I swear.

  3. I miss the northwoods.

    We've surpassed our average snowfall for the year, but no one would guess. It melted soon after it fell.

    Not good for communites up your way which depend on it though. I'm looking forward to the weather we'll have when you get your geared bike out!

  4. Herringbone...I am a fan of peanut butter too. Have been my whole life. Plus these have honey also.

    RANTWICK...I like the fixed gear and put many miles on it, winter and summer.

    Big Oak...I too am looking forward to the day I can get the gears out. Another 6" yesterday.

  5. we ended up with about 4" last week...sloppy wet stuff.