Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever

 Spring is just around the corner...I hope.  It was 65 Sunday which is way too nice to stay indoors.

 The lovely Mrs to the rescue.  Guess what was still on the kitchen table while I was miles down the road.

 A south facing sand bank catching some rays.

 We still have a lot of snow.  A friend of mine on facebook keeps commenting on how anxious he for the golf season to start.  It may be a while yet as evidenced below.

 Behind that Oak tree is the number one green.

 One of our local town fire departments.

 It was windy on this ride and I planned it so that the ride home would be with the wind at my back.  Good plan!! There are a lot of these puddles on the roads around here as the snow melts. 

 An opening to one of the local lakes.

 I did not have any snow covered roads on this ride, which was a good thing as  I swapped out the studded tires on the fixed gear back to the cross tires. I am still riding the fixed because of all the sand and crud left on the roads.  On some of the hills, corners and at intersections our local township road crews put down sand when the roads are snow covered to provide traction. A good rain will help clean them up.

Thanks for reading

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Even with the mild winter we've had, I too have spring fever. I'm ready for a long, hot ride on a Saturday afternoon.

  2. Great to see that you are getting out and having some fun....


  3. Riding has been great last two days. Thanks for the lopp recommendation that is what I was looking for. I am looking forward this year to exploring more gravel road road riding. THere appear to be lots of additional rides in that mode.
    I can't figure out if you can send a PM with this blogger site so we will drop off some contact info at Riverbrook in Hayward (not the Seely location). Next time you are bye this way stop by and pick it up. Cheers

  4. I think the "fever" is going around. I'd like to get some more skiing in but it was a "off' winter for alot of us. 65 sounds perfect. I've been riding singlespeed for about a year and a half. I'm intrigued by fixed gear. I was wondering if you could explain sometime. Good energy from this post!

  5. Jeff...You had a mild winter too? That's great


    Trevor...I'm getting out, but not as much as you. :-)

    None...I am headed to Hayward today. I will stop in. If its not there I will post up a way to make contact. I would enjoy getting out for some riding with you folks.

    Herringbone...Thanks I will post up a little bit on fixed gear shortly.

  6. Sorry I didn't get the note in time.They may have given you info anyway? But I think I was able to use a little deductive reasoning and I'll try and give you a call. My backside is pretty sore after a winter of skiing but really enjoying the riding. Can't wait to see the buds come out. Heard a Great Horned Owl on yesterdays ride which was fun.