Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doesn't Get Much Better

 I snapped this one last week while out riding around.  It's funny how critter population goes.  There have been years where I have seen many Black Bear.  Years where the Turkeys are abundant. And years where the Whitetail seem abundant.  It seems to be the Whitetails year.

 This last weekend we road tripped it to Eau Claire, WI for some bicycling.  I spent Saturday morning riding the Lowes Creek trails.  It had been two years since I was there last and I could see the club has been busy with many improvements. 

 Four hours of single track fun!!  I don't why it happens, but sometimes I just don't stop for photos.  There are numerous spots for much better photos, but I wasn't interested in snapping photos...and now I wish I had. I think most of this work is done by the local mtb club, CORBA.  

 My wife was busy reading and playing games while I rode the singletrack.  After that morning of fun, we stopped for a sandwich and headed to the Chippewa River Trail(linked). It is a state of WI trail and a trail pass is needed to bicycle.  I never mind buying those as I think these trails are a real asset.  They are great!!  We rode 20 miles that afternoon on our Univega tandem.  We also have a road tandem by Burley that is much lighter and faster than this one, but for just cruising around this is our choice. That, and this particular stretch of trail is not exactly smooth, so this one with the 26" wheels is a smoother ride.  We rode an easy 20 miles along the river, stopped at the benches and had a great afternoon. For me, a day like this, well...single trackin in the morning and riding with my lovely wife in the afternoon, it just doesn't get much better. 

I am still recouping from being ill.  The headaches are gone for the most part, but the soreness in my joints are still present.  I feel great riding, but so to sleep at night and by morning it is as though my hips, shoulders and one, yes one elbow is rusted shut. It's bummer but we are making progress!  This little fellow in the above picture is getting pretty tame.  He sits and chatters until I drop some seeds for him, eats and waits for more.  He will not take them from my hand though. Yes, I know he's a varmint, but it's fun.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Glad to hear you're improving and feeling better, especially on the bike! The ride on the Chippewa River Trail sounds great. You should write a review on the Rails-to-Trails site for this trail:
    I'd like to put together a multi-day trip using as many of these rail-type trails as possible. The Rails-to-Trails site shows what other trails are nearby whatever trail you choose, which is a nice feature.

    1. My wife doesn't like riding the roads much, so we have made camping trips on rail trails. Four days have been the longest we have done so far, but I know one can even tie more trails together to make it longer, Thanks for the link!

  2. Nice to see you are recovering. Did you say your wife was busy reading and having fun on the back of the tandem?


  3. NO...you said that. hehehe Keep up the good work!!