Monday, July 1, 2013

Riding Along

 Today's ride had me riding along Lake Superior from near Duluth to Two Harbors on Scenic Highway 61.  The weather near the big lake much of the time is very different from a few miles inland.  Such was the case today, but I knew that when I started so I was prepared.  +80°F inland and +60° near the lake with a strong NE wind right off the lake.  Just before Two Harbors I was riding against the wind down a small grade at about 12 mph. Now granted I had rode near 20 miles at this point with the heavier cross bike with fenders, rack and pannier, but on the way back UP that small grade with the wind at my back I was cruising at over 20 mph. It was a much faster trip back into Duluth.

 There are many unique homes and buildings along the shore of Lake Superior.  Across the road from this home is all Lake Superior.

This one is unique also with many pieces of metal art. 

 I noticed the heads on these are on a pivot and sway in the wind...very cool!!

 And...A bug/spider on the roof! A Texas sized spider.  

 There they sat shaking their heads at me.  Were they trying to tell me something?  I am probably too old to learn.  

 This rides destination.  Now for the tail wind back to Duluth:-)

 I knew with the secret recipe peanut butter balls and go juice, the ride into the wind going out with a helper coming back would make it a good one.  It was!

 A ship was parked just out from where I parked this morning.

 Stream photo.

 I have been riding, just not doing much blogging.  I was out the other day and just like the sign says...Storm.  I got caught in a dandy.  I ended up hiding under a bridge that goes over a river.   The lightening/thunder was crashing around me and the rain torrential. It came up quick and surprised me. Shortly before taking refuge, I had talked to some very nice people.  They are friends of the family and also have supported us on our charity rides.  They offered me a ride, but I figured I could make it.  Wrong!! Again!!  I was there over an hour before calling for rescue. 

Not a good photo, but a fun bike to ride.  I have been mixing up which bicycles I have been riding.  Good fun!

I bumped into the same people I spoke of above on a later ride.  I rode with them for a few miles.  I also have gotten out with a couple people I used to work with.  I have ridden with more company this year, which isn't much, than I can remember in recent years.  I enjoy riding with company.  For me, it is not all about knocking out 50 milers in as short a time as possible.  Social rides are the best in my book.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!  

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  1. If I wouldn't have been working, I definitely would have ridden with you!!!