Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Say "Uncle"

 I have been nursing this disgusting illness, and making progress I might add.  I tried to ride the road bike right after diagnosis but that was not going to happen.   I had the Fat-tire out for five miles a few days ago and that was good, but also an easy ride through the back trails.  I knew the temperatures would soar today, but I also wanted to get out for a ride, so I thought a nice slow ride would work.  Turns out work, yes it would work, lots of work...ummm yep, work!  I guess I will see what tonight and tomorrow brings.

 They say when it get's hot, it is really hot in sand country.  I was thinking about that today, and I think that being in the city with all the concrete, blacktop, buildings and such has to seem just as hot, if not hotter.

 When hurrying to take a picture, I must learn to allow time for my cheapo camera to focus.  Anyhow, he didn't want to stay around for a portrait.

 Bad sign when on a road bike.

 They put a layer of hot tar across the road, and extra tar where the cracks and imperfections are, then put a layer of pea gravel on top.  Pea gravel is small pea sized rock.  It can get sketchy riding a road bike when this is freshly applied.  

 A Badger hole.  The Wisconsin state animal it is.  We have many of them around our area, but they are rare to see.  The dirt here was fresh and I think he was hiding out (or in I should say.)  They are not very friendly.  

Mr. Badger
This picture above was not taken today, but I did take it a couple weeks ago.

 Two cars in the parking lot of this 18 hoe venue today about 1 o'clock this afternoon.  I guess it was even too hot to golf.

 I ride by this sign a lot and decided today I would snap a picture.  The CCC is linked here if you want learn more about it.  I am of the opinion it was a very good program. 

 This is usually all under water, but this body of water is created and controlled by a dam.  The dam is in need of some maintenance, so it has been drained so they may work on it.  It effects many many people as there isn't a lot of water for them to access. This area of water is called the Minong Flowage, linked here. 

 How hot was it.  Very hot!  Our thermometer read 96°F when I rolled back home with 31 miles in.  During the early part of today's ride, I thought I might add an 18 miler at the end to push it up to 50 miles.  It was at this spot where the biking gods had me pinned..."Say Uncle, Say Uncle"(linked) And I conceded.   Three bottles of water consumed and if you blow the picture up, you can see where some of it went.  I noticed when I got up to take the picture I could see where my legs were on the pavement. Still 5 to go from here.  

As much as I could, towards the end I rode like critters walk in this kind of weather...from shade to shade to shade.  I really didn't care which side of the road I was on.  Doesn't matter much in most spots.  The traffic around here is very light.  Didn't ride hills and corners that way I might add. While I can see it will be while to feel good in the saddle again, today's ride no matter how difficult it may have been, was still a great ride.  

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

PS...Thanks for reading!


  1. Hope your well enough soon to get out and enjoy your summer soon!,
    We have the worlds best in golf here in East Lothian for The Open at Muirfield!
    Lots of people watching to be done while eating ice cream in the hetwave we are experiancing too!

    Cheers, Bruce

    1. I will be tuning in to catch The Open. I remember a few years ago reading your blog and seeing the golf course pictures. WOW I am fascinated getting a first hand account into the golf world over there. Of course the biking and all the other adventures you have been on are great too!!

  2. Was that like a bear?
    Glad to see you back out on the road.

    1. Yes, that was a small/medium Black Bear. We have a lot of them in our area. They are tough to get a picture of while bicycling, because they usually move out quickly.

  3. My Dad served in the CCC as a teenager, before serving in WWII. I too think it was a good program. Glad you're back on the bike. Still thinking about Colorado? 17 days.....

    1. Thanks Jeff. It is great to be back out. Colorado thoughts are still there, but I still feel weak. Two days in a row with no headache is a plus, but still have some soreness and do not feel very strong on the bike. If my wife could come along it would make it easier, but the tour says if my wife comes along we can not stay with them at the schools and would need to find other accommodations. The not allowing her in is a big one. I do not want to drive 2500 miles with no support with the crud I have going on. I have not contacted them, but they have that highlighted in the file they recently sent out.

  4. Nice ride I hope you get better.

  5. It would be nice to bring the CCC back. One should have to work for "freebies". Back in the saddle again!!!


    1. If it wouldn't have been for the secret peanut butter energy, I don't know if I would have made home on this day.