Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not a Bad Thing

 I spent a few hours on the Fat-bike today.  The weather around here has been ideal with the temps running around 75°F.  I wonder why I put that F behind the temperature.  If that 75 was Celsius, it would be 167°.  75 is good.
 It was good mix of riding today..,a couple miles of blacktop, some single track, some bushwhacking, some multi-use trail and some gravel.  Had to think fast here or get a face full of pine cones.
 These trails are primarily used for ATV in the summer and snowmobile use in the winter.  One must use caution when riding these.  Keep the ears open, watch the hills and corners.  During the week, the traffic is not bad.  Weekends, they can get busy.  I did not see one vehicle today. 

 The Harold Philips Memorial field.  Harold, Toni and the whole family==gooood people!

 It was here where my nose took the shape it has to the face.  And then never went to the doc to get the nose straightened.  That it one decision I may have made differently in retrospect.  I think it may have been a while since a game has been played here by the looks of things.   

 Some of the trail today reminded me of the Ore to Shore (linked) mountain bike epic.  They have iron ore and sand...and yep we have sand too.  Sand...we live in sand country.  On the regular mountain bike I have found sliding your weight to the rear, keeping your speed up and a person can ride some of it.  With the fatty, the sand is not an issue.  Ride it all! 

 A doe and two fawns were just curious enough to get one picture snapped.   Even they wonder "What the heck is that?" 

 The Moose River was the lunch spot today. 

 Ah...Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich!

 I was just thinking while contemplating this photo.  I told a fib.  Earlier I said I didn't see a vehicle. But, while eating lunch a golf cart and the Town of Gordon tractor mowing the ditches went by.

It feels good to back on the bicycle.   It makes me feel better.  Not only better physically, but even more important, mentally.  I am a believer in that is what the outdoors and exercise will do for you.  And that is not a bad thing.  

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

PS...Thanks for reading and click pictures for big!


  1. RL~
    Glad to see you're feeling better, and getting out there!!
    Mesabi Trail tour next Saturday!! Lol
    Pedal On!!

  2. Any chance you still make crmbt? I was looking forward to saying hi.

  3. I too was looking forward to saying HI and maybe a little ride together...but for me the CRMBT is not going to happen this year. This last month has been tough. The doc said the recovery could be long because of the length of time I was sick before being diagnosed and treatment beginning. I am feeling better and better each day now. I would like to think that even though I have been riding very little this month, I could still tough it out. But reality is, and as hard it is to say, I know bailing is what is best for me...and my family:-) I cannot tell you how disappointing it is for me:-( OK...after all that being said...I also know I am very lucky! There are much worse things than Anaplasmosis and missing out on a bike tour.

  4. I know I would be disappointed, but you're right, not the end of the world. Keep feeling better and we'll see you on the road someday.

  5. Now that's what I call working "OUT"!!!