Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cyclocross Jealously

All the talk lately of the Cycle Cross and such that is now finishing up, has brought thoughts in de brain full circle. I have been known to make the statement that this year was the last year for such foolishness as mnt bike racing. All the races I have entered have been fun...even the Ore 2 Shore...now that is sick, or at least some may think so. The Chequamegon is fun and I had a very good ride going there this year before I flatted out...that along with being ill prepared. That in it self, not finishing that is, has left a hole. Although for me, any of the races I enter have to be for the fun of it...as I am O L D DD. That being said, it should relieve me of all pressure for any future events I may enter. It is now written...and for ever shall be.

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