Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One hour's riding

In one hour, a person can put a lot of miles on riding a bicycle. It seems to me, when people ask "Where did you ride tonight?" or "Where did ride today?"...many times when you tell them where you rode, its like they can't believe you rode that far. I guess when I think about it, most of the people that think that are not bicyclist.

Then, when you start talking about 30 to 40 miles is just a good ride and 50, 60 and 70 are better rides, it's like some of them think you are nuts and that is not to mention the centuries.

People have different hobbies whether it be biking, golf, bowling, fishing, baseball, motorcycling, working in the yard or what ever the hell else might turn an individuals crank. The important thing is to be able comprehend that concept. You spent how much on a bicycle...well...you spent how much on one golf club, one baseball bat, and how much for that big ass fishing boat or that motorcycle.

For some, the bicycle is a way of life...some a necessity...some a hobby...some to make a statement. There are obviously many different reasons for riding.

That is only one little drip from the drool and spittle that can come from my pie hole.


  1. What you say is so true! I come in to work and tell people I rode 50-60 miles on a Sunday morning ride they can't believe it.

  2. I can ride 5 miles during lunch in the basement at work. It's a big basement.