Monday, November 10, 2008

Put an hour in on the mtn bike tonight riding rut trails and some forest road. It was 23 degrees and I didn't do a good job of dressing tonight. It probably would have been alright for road riding, but riding the mnt bike through the hills and back roads, I was over dressed. I had thought the sandy areas would be froze, but I was roong . The majority of what I rode was fine, but the deep sand was still soft.

In the sand, I noticed black bear tracks and also gray wolf tracks (timber wolf). The bear have to be very tired about now I would think...and the wolfs hungry.

But the fact still remains...It was FUN. For me, riding the trails are the best.
Sure felt good to be on the Anthem again.

Right or Left ? ? ?

I left just as the sun was setting

and got back home with the moon shining bright.

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