Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shanty time

Stayed up late last night clearing the snow away we I could go to the shanty today. We ended up with about 6" and then came the wind and the cold. It was about -7 below when I arrived at the shanty and 5 above when I left, with a stout wind all day. I was the only out there for about 5 hours, then two trucks drove past me and farther out about a half mile. They did not stay long. It was nasty out there today. It does not look like it here, but there were some big drifts out on the lake. I had to back up and get a run a couple of them. You people that eat healthy may want to X out now.

Lunch was fresh brewed coffee with a hot dog sandwich.

Just before dark, a few more snow flurries

Sun is down but still glowing

And dark when I left. These are my tracks from when I arrived. Had to hit a couple of the drifts twice on the way off the lake too.

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