Monday, December 1, 2008

Mini Brick?

Decided to mix it up a little tonight. Did 30 min at a good pace on the elliptical and then got on the trainer for another 30 minutes. The elliptical program I ran had intervals and on the trainer I tried to keep the cadence above 90 and up to 100, except for a 2 minute cool down. Now....Is this considered a brick, at least a mini brick? Or maybe a pebble? How about a cube, one of those little chocolate cube. How bout it coach, a mini brick???

On another note, I am already looking forward to more of this in the spring. If anyone else is interested in doing some weekend rides in WI and MN...let us know.


  1. Keep those nice green pictures to yourself :) It's going to be a long, long... LONG time before we get to see anything like that again.


  2. We are only 45 mile south of yeah it is wishfull thinking. I do enjoy the bike camping. After reading Doug and Carney for a while and the trips they planted a bug.