Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finishing up the Tremp Weekend

We finished the ride up at Sparta about 1:00 in the afternoon with both us feeling the effects of the heavy bike and all the gear. It did teach us something...we have to do that again soon! This was one of the roads we traveled on in the Marshland Access.
The Butterfly-Weed is a friend of the Monarch Butterfly.

One of the many bridges on these trails. One of them, not this one, I measured at .3 of a mile long.

At some places the many trains we heard and saw are nearby, so we decided to snap a picture at the last minute when this one was passing. Modern day camera's are amazing, as I took this picture with the train moving one direction and us moving in the opposite with one hand on the bar and the other shooting the picture.

One of the many stops we made on this trip.

Finished up back at Sparta with 107 miles and a fine way to spend the weekend together. We would highly recommend this type of entertainment for couples...or anyone for that matter. It isn't that you need to go great distances, it is just getting out and doing something.


  1. When I see posts like your last couple, I want a tandem!

  2. I'll pass on the tandem. My wife already told me if we had one, she wouldn't be pedaling.