Monday, July 13, 2009

We made a bicycle camping trip this last weekend. We drove to Sparta WI to ride the La Crosse River trail and The Great River Trail. It ended up to be 107 miles. A good way to spend the weekend. We started at the Sparta trail head. We figured the bike, water and all gear added about 140 lbs...note to self, must go lighter next time. With the first day at 63+ miles, a good work out.
These are WI State Park trails and a trail passes are required.
The La Crosse trail crosses a lot of farm country.

We stopped and watched some of a Legion baseball game in Bangor

The main street of Rockland, WI

More of Rockland

Most of the trails are grown in and very scenic.

This is the trail split.

The Great River Trail follows the great river...The mighty Mississippi

Purple Cone Flower's
Will post more when time permits

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  1. Two of my favorite things; bicycling and camping. Looks like a fun weekend.