Monday, July 27, 2009

Janice and I were going to ride Sunday morning, but she did not feel well. I waited thinking she may start feeling better, but with the temp around the 80 mark, a strong north wind and just a few threatening clouds, I headed out by myself around noon. As long as going alone, I took some inspiration from Jeff at Road and took the fancy ride down from the garage rafters. It was the first ride on it this year. I used to ride it a lot, but this year the fixed gear, mountain bike and tandem has taken priority. It was good to get on it again. I did 45+ miles at a good pace. At 33 miles in I was at 17.8 avg thanks to the wind that went something like this...cross wind, helping wind and cross wind...which brings us to the last 12.5 miles of head on wind trying to bring it on home. I finally just dropped a ring, relaxed and still came in at over 17, which for me is not all that bad.
WARNING: What I consider bike porn.

Ready for take off.

This is a stump where I stopped. The rocks must have flown there from the snowplow this last winter.

Another good ride in the books.


  1. Nice bike and nice ride. I hope your wife is feeling better.

  2. Wind, wind, wind. Will it never stop? I'm going out today, I hope it's below 25 mph for a change.