Sunday, July 19, 2009

Makwa Trail

We headed south to Menomonie to ride the Red Cedar trail this weekend, but that was not to be the good riding. Sunday's riding on the single track Makwa trail near Hayward was the weekends highlight. I was last there on July 4th and today, two weeks later, 1.3 more miles of indescribably excellent trail had been made. Janice and I rode 16.5 miles of the skinny. Janice did very well...until the technical stuff started up. Bad news... count'em...for, 4, fore and IV, which added up makes four crashes. Fortunately, all limbs and body parts are fine, just badly bruised. She was scaring me, but I have to give her credit as she finished out the ride. We forgot the camera, probably a good thing.

Oh, and if she has a doctor appointment this week, she will have to take over the blogging stuff.

On another note, we have a house guest for the summer that works at Amnicon Falls State Park. Today she had a couple come into the park that are touring on a tandem recumbent. She said she had a nice visit with them and they have traveled over 3000 miles so far this summer. This is a link to their blog spot...

Makwa Trail

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  1. Thanks for the link to their site. That sounds like amazing freedom.