Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When we pulled into Perrot State Park to camp, a car pulled up to a STOP sign on a road that was joining the road we were on. He was looking the other way not paying attention to us coming towards them. At the last minute he saw us and we were already hard on the brakes. I hit the brakes so hard that it popped the front cable from the hanger and with as heavy as we were rolling, it also rolled the tube up in the back tire...tube shot. I changed that out, set up camp and we went for an evening cruise. We headed north out of the park to what is called the Marshland Access. We were in the exploring mode...something that I do enjoy. This was a Muskrat house we rode by. You can see what trails they are using.

The Great River Trail

Marshland Access.

We spent some time here watching the wildlife. A word to the wise would be...For sure check it out, but be careful where you sit. Bird's shit too...outside and anywhere they want.

The forecast was for no rain, so we decided to sleep without the rain fly.

Nice total for the day, considering the bike and gear weighed in at about 140 lbs, although a few of those miles were minus trailer.

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