Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bikin the City

Janice and I are on vacation this week, so we headed south to do some biking, thus the absence on the computer. I have always wanted to ride the trails I see when we go through a large city. It seems like the trails are every where in these cities. We were near Madison, so I tried the trails there.

When we arrived there, it was raining along with lightning and thunder. I waited it out for a while, as it looked like it was clearing. I finally suited up and headed out on the Capital City Trail. It soon was back to storming. The rain was not too bad, but the lightning had my attention. At about halfway into the ride it started to break up and by the time I got back to the truck, it was hot and muggy.

I rode the Capital Trail, connected up with the Wingra Creek Trail and then rode side streets until I hit up with the Southwest Bike path back to the truck. The Capital City trail was very poorly marked. I was off path and semi-lost more than once. So, it amounted to a hick from sticks cut loose on the city trails for about 3 hours. It was much different than I am used to riding...but still fun...and I still want to ride some of the trails in the Twin City area.
Capital City Trail

Camp Randall stadium


  1. I had the chance to bike some trails in Minneapolis near U of M a few years back. I loved it! Along the Mississippi all the way down near the airport.

  2. Nice to see some Mad-Town pics. We lived there for a short while before moving to Wausau.

    You didn't stop by the Essen Haus by any chance, did you?

  3. If you ever find yourselves in the Twin Cities, lemme know and I'll happily show you around.

  4. Sorry it took so long, but if you happen to check back..

    No we didn't stop by the Essen Haus, but my ride took me through where the Great Midwest Brew Fest was going on. A lot of people in town for that.

    And...bother yam, I may take you up on that offer sometime. Maybe some mtb riding also.