Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Cabin Tandem Ride

We are spending a couple days at our family cabin. It is much fun staying there, as there is just about any type of recreation a person chooses to do. My favorite is the bicycling that is around that area. This is a very small township, population wise. Most of the roads meander through lakes and also through large tracts of county forest land. We put in 19.5 miles on the tandem Saturday afternoon. We met our first car a 6.4 miles...not many people around. It always slows down around the fall and fall is closer than we realize. IMO, The summer is flying by.


  1. Wow, sounds like the life. We are headed to Door County on Labor Day weekend to bike, but I bet there will be many, many more people there than around your peaceful retreat.

    I have a good friend in Mellin. Will get up in your neck of the woods again some day.

  2. Sounds like heaven. You've got me convinced to add Wisconsin to my list of states that I have to get to with my bike!