Friday, August 14, 2009

Riding the Semi Skinny

After the ride at Madison, we headed to The Kettle Moraine State Forest area to ride the John Muir mountain bike trails. This is a very popular mountain bike destination near La Grange WI. When we got there... CLOSED to BIKING because of the recent rainfall. Janice's mothers family is from around Lake Geneva, which was just a few miles away, so we spent the night around that area. We called the trail headquarters the following day to find they were opening the trails at noon...we were there...and a good thing because of another deluge as we were leaving. There were a few of these mud spots. That mud is slippery.
The trails were color coded and very well marked. I rode the Blue, which was the outer loop, and I never once had a question of where I was.

The trails here are very well used, with some nice berm'ed corners.

And...a nice jump

There were three options here...very nice

Some of the steeper sections had these mats laid down. It was my first experience with the mats, and found out quickly, that they are slippery. If you start to crank on them hard, the tire WILL slide out.

There are also a lot of rest areas.

And did I say, well marked.
These trails are the most used mountain bike trails I have ever been on. We arrived when they opened the trails to find a few cars in the lot. When we left, a storm was just starting to hit, and there were still 27 cars in the lot then.

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