Sunday, August 16, 2009

Root River Camping

We hit the trail around 6:00 AM the second morning which had fog that didn't clear off until around 8:30. Hills near Whalan, MN

One of many shelters

Morning snack in Whalan

We had morning coffee and a snack across the road from the American Legion Hall in Lanesboro. Four older gentlemen came out while we were there. It was a scene right out of Grumpy Old Men. As three walked out one said "That f%$#*& thinks he knows everything" and another piped up "He don't know shit." They were each bee lining for their pickups. The door to the hall opens and a guy sticks his head out and yells "Bill, you forgot your juice" in which a "WHAT???" comes back. "You didn't finish your juice!!" I don't want it comes back. He sticks his head back in the door and yells "He says you can have it." I know it doesn't sound funny here, but believe me, it was.

This is the place we had the coffee and this gentleman was a delight to talk with. He was one of the highlights of the trip. I will do a post about him later. He is doing it right. If anybody ever gets to Lanesboro, we recommend stopping here for ice cream, coffee's or a sandwich in which comes the best part, conversation. The name of the place is "River Trail Picnic Basket"

Nice farm for sale

Another shelter

This is where lunch was had...would recommend this also.

Set up camp at Preston.

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  1. Welcome back...Sounds like you had a great anniversary...Congratulations. The secret to many anniversaries must be biking with your wife, especially if she pedals.

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