Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slowly Getting The Country Back

After not being on the bike for a week, I notice it. I think I feel much better physically and mentally when I get in some outside physical activity. I will try get out this week. Now on to a boring rant. X-out now if you do not want to read some bitching, pissing and moaning...Woe is me. lol lol lol lol

After putting up with inconsiderate belligerent macho deer hunters with gang mentality for a week, we will slowly resume to our normal life's...but we will be weened slowly, as we now have the Muzzle Loader season to deal with. So far, the muzzle loaders haven't been an issue. We hope it stays that way. Last year being 2008, this was the stats for the rifle week...nine accidents, one fatal, all either self inflicted or shooter and victim in the same party, during the nine-day season. Shooting at moving deer during deer drives contributed to 56% (5) of all of the incidents during the season, including the fatality. There were a total of (25) homes & barns, (3) cars and (1) tractor struck by bullets or slugs during the 2008 deer gun season. There also were a total of 1400 violations issued. This represents the hunting getting safer??

Now...I am a deer hunter, but I do not know for how much longer. This year, I had one hunter calling me a dick for me telling him he was trespassing...fine for trespassing is $1383.00. If I wanted to be a dick, I would have just called him in and not had to deal with him, and next year I will do just that. We also had two other hunters put their deer stands just across our property line within sight of our stands...and one our stands that has been there 25 years. This year we did not hunt that stand because of this deer hunting terrorist. I do not choose to hunt that close someone I do not know. I did find a nice peaceful place to sit, and although it isn't the best deer spot, it was an enjoyable spot...and I saw no hunters. So until the next deer harvest.........


  1. When I worked in the woods in Wisconsin, I always took gun deer season off. Give big city kids (of all ages) rifles and they think they own the world.

  2. Why is it that buying a hunting license seems to suspend common courtesy and common sense in many so called "hunters"? Trespassing, littering, etc really used to get old when I was living in the country. Gives legitimate hunters a bad name.

  3. Big Oak...My son works for a large paper company and not many in that field of work, work during the season.

    Boz...Yeah you are right. It really is a few bad apples giving it a black eye. It just seems to be more and more of them. I did not mention that the tresspasser I spoke with had shot a deer the day before. Along side the gut pile on our land, I found paper toweling, plastic gutting gloves, large plastic baggie and...drum roll for this, an empty Michelob can.