Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Nice...That would be my way of explaining the weather we have had the last couple weeks.  The high temps have been in the 35 to 40ish range with lots of sunshine.  I have been out on the bicycle the last few nights and it is amazing how much the weather changes the road conditions daily.  When a person rides the same route a few days in a row during this time of the year in this area, you really notice the differenceThere still are some areas of ice on the roads, but it is breaking up.  We can't be complacent, as we will be getting more snow...could be a lot, but...Spring is on the way. 


  1. It's a tough time of year...ready for spring, but ya know more snow will come.

  2. I want a couple more days of snow biking. Hopefully next year I'll have found a used Pugsley and get some real snow miles.

  3. yeah to more snow!!!!!
    me and my Pug want more snow!!!
    April snowstorm anyone??? ;)

    Peace, Joboo

  4. I think for a lot of people winter and age have a directl correlation...the older we get, the less we like winter. Although I do get out in the winter, and do enjoy getting out in it, I wish it was shorter. just saying