Monday, March 8, 2010

X-Cellent Weekend

We spent the weekend at our family cabin, and it had been a while since we had spent an entire weekend there.  It seems there is always something going on that keeps us from spending the time there that we should be spending.  If I told you it was a great weekend...I would not be lying.  Saturday morning early had me skiing around the perimeter of the lake while the snow was still fast.  It warmed up nice, so it was a 15 mile fixed gear ride in the afternoon.
Just a standin there.
This is a creek that leads into the lake that our cabin sits on.
And...This is the same creek leading out of the lake.
This is the city hall of Casey...OK; they call it the Town Hall.  Not many residents in the town of Casey, although my grandfather was born there in 1902 and lived his entire life in the Town of Casey.
The snowmobile trails have been taking a hit as of late...Goooood!!!
I rode the bike home from the cabin Sunday afternoon.  There are many options to vary the distance but it was the 33 mile route I chose to ride.  It was a good thing I chose that shorter route, as riding the fixed gear with the studded tires made it about all I wanted to ride.    

One last thing...Daylight Savings Time...Next weekend.


  1. What road do you live on? I've ridden a bit in that area and am always looking for new, smooth, quiet roads.

  2. We live on Douglas County Y...but we do most of our riding south of Y on the town roads. I would say the best riding around here is west of highway 53 from Gordon to Spooner and as far over as Wisconsin highway 35...if that makes sense. Basically, the area where the lakes are plenty. The town roads weave around the lakes, from one lake to another and are the best to ride. I have some rides on Map My Ride, but I am not real handy with that site. If you or anybody gets down this way and want to get together for a ride, I would be more than willing to ride along...just wait for me at the interections.