Monday, March 29, 2010


I had not been on the bicycle since last Wednesday, bad bad bad, so I rode the Black Bear ride this afternoon after work.  It was a strong south wind, so the direction I rode tonight meant the first 12 miles were into the wind...then 4 miles quartering into and then it was spread the wings and fly towards home.  If it is windy, I like riding into it at the start and taking advantage of the wind on the way home,  although my average speed seems to suffer riding this way.  I think when I start with the wind at the back and the average starts out high, I may push a little harder to keep the average up when the ride turns to the wind.  Probably shouldn't watch that crap.

On another note, if any of the bloggers or readers want to join us for a Wednesday afternoon ride up the Munger Trail, we will be leaving the corner of Raleigh and Central at 3:15...pasing through the Munger trail parking lot behind the Munger Inn shortly there after.  Meeting us at the corner would be best though.  Please feel free to join in.  We have 6 or 7 lined up so far.


  1. Long drive from KS, but I'll be there in spirit.

  2. I'll be there too (in spirit). Have a great ride!

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